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iovation Presents Fraud Force “Fast Forward”

Sept. 19 - 21 Portland, OR

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Where the dynamic worlds of customer authentication and fraud prevention meet and evolve


Fast Forward

iovation presents Fraud Force, the annual industry summit that focuses on what’s new, what’s working and what’s ahead for businesses across all online sectors. In 2016, forward-thinking security and risk professionals will come together with a single, unifying objective: finding ways to provide customers with seamless and positive authentication experiences, while protecting businesses from fraud. It’s not enough to move in pace with the times and issues. We need to move faster.

Buy Tickets $495

  • Hear from thought leaders, game changers, and top influencers.

  • Max Anhoury

    Max Anhoury

    VP, Global Partnerships, iovation

    Max has held a number of senior leadership roles in operations, sales and marketing. He successfully drove business growth at CommercePath until it was acquired by Captaris. He continued to play a key leadership role at Captaris and was responsible for managing DESG with revenues of $55 million. Currently, Max is responsible for the oversight and success of iovation’s partner program, driving strategic growth for the company.

  • Darcy Berringer

    Darcy Berringer

    Fraud Management Specialist, nTrust

    Darcy has been a Fraud Management Specialist at nTrust for just over three years. After a decade spent working in the finance and compliance sector for some pretty heavy hitters, she loves the dynamic start-up environment at nTrust. Currently, her primary responsibilities are to ensure that nTrust and its employees adhere to regulatory requirements, and ensure members are on the right side of the law.

    Uncovering a Fraud Ring: Patterns, Anomalies & Red Flags

  • Dan Cassell

    Dan Cassell

    Fraud Consultant,

    Dan has 16 years experience in the insurance aggregator space. Originally with an IT background, Dan played a key role in the success of a large UK aggregator before co-founding and becoming the IT Director. After 10 years at, Dan has used his IT knowledge to develop internal fraud systems and analytics to help in the industry's fight against fraud. He has been an active member in the iovation community.

    Power of the Consortium: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Stop Fraud

  • Phoenix Clarke

    Phoenix Clarke

    Business Analyst, iovation

    Phoenix is a Business Analyst by day and Zumba Instructor by night. He brings years of data analysis and project management to iovation where he helps clients analyze and understand their data. Prior to joining iovation, he was an actual user of iovation, bringing great perspective and input to the team. In his free time, he enjoys teaching and participating in Zumba and will be leading a class during the summit.

    Recognizing Your Full Potential: Discover Your ROI

  • Kent Dahlgren

    Kent Dahlgren

    Product Manager, Recognition, iovation

    Kent heads up the product roadmap for iovation's recognition services, including mobile. He has over 20 years of experience in product management and more than 25 years in the security industry - a perfect combination. He comes to iovation from companies like Xerox, Tripwire and Tenable and has a deep knowledge of security technologies and understands the landscape quite well.

    The Art and Science of Device Recognition

  • Stephanie Driscoll

    Stephanie Driscoll

    Operational Fraud Team Manager, The AA

    Prior to joining the AA, Steph held various roles within the High St Broker sector. She manages a team of 12 fraud investigators who are responsible for identifying fraudulent policies incepted or attempted to be incepted within the AA. One of the key aspects in her role is prioritization of various systems, intelligence and leads to effectively to maximize the identification of fraudulent business and ensure no repeat bad business.

    Power of the Consortium: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Stop Fraud

  • Neil Gilbert

    Neil Gilbert

    Director of Risk Operations and Fraud Strategy, NetSpend

    Neil is responsible for the operational strategy of the Fraud and Disputes/Chargebacks departments and the business strategy for mitigating risk for NetSpend’s cardholders, partners and business. He has overseen the implementation and growth of both network and in-house fraud monitoring systems, managed risk for a portfolio that has more than doubled in his time with NetSpend and driven operational efficiencies in multiple departments.

    Uncovering a Fraud Ring: Patterns, Anomalies & Red Flags

  • Eddie Glenn

    Eddie Glenn

    Product Marketing Manager, Fraud Prevention, iovation

    Eddie, has more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software for companies such as IBM, Rational, and Wind River. His vast experience includes positions such as software developer, senior product manager and senior product marketing. He has a BSCS/EE from the University of Virginia and a MBA from the University of Oregon. As an IoT enthusiast, Eddie has a unique passion for making e-transactions safe for online consumers.

    Using Machine Learning for Predictive Scoring of Online Transactions

  • Terry Gold

    Terry Gold

    Principal Analyst, D6 Research

    Terry is a Principal Analyst of D6 Research, specializing in security, identity and authentication across the physical, transactional and logical domains. He has advised numerous global enterprises and agencies in their effort to reduce their risk exposure through stronger identity programs. At D6 Research, he is focused on security research that incorporates the analysis of identity related threats and scalable mitigation models.

    Fundamentals of Identity & Authentication

  • Stephanie Gorostiza

    Stephanie Gorostiza

    Product Manager of Fraud Strategy, Western Union

    Stephanie Gorostiza, Product Manager of Fraud Strategy at Western Union manages strategic direction for the implementation, delivery and maintenance of the company’s global fraud strategy. She brings years of experience in risk management, analytics, payments and product management. Prior to her 4+ years at Western Union, she spent three years as a Risk Management Analyst at Intuit.

    Managing and Maximizing Multiple Tools in Your Toolkit

  • Jim Hendrie

    Jim Hendrie

    Product Manager, Fraud Prevention, iovation

    An iovation veteran, Jim has been with the company since its inception - starting as a QA Engineer, testing and validating product enhancements, then working as part of the Client Team. For the last 6 years he has played an integral role in the product management team. His focus is on growing the Fraud Prevention service, making sure iovation is meeting customer needs and market demands. He knows the product suite inside and out.

    What’s on the Horizon for iovation Link Analysis

  • Dylan Hornstein

    Dylan Hornstein

    Data Analyst, iovation

    Dylan started at iovation as a Client Manager and is currently on the Reporting Team. As a Data Analyst, he is responsible for making sure clients get the reports they need for their day-to-day fraud investigation. Whether it be pulling data from backend databases for ad-hoc data requests, or managing the schedule and delivery of our Standard Reports, Dylan is working behind the scenes to get clients the data they need.

    Shaping the Future of iovation Reporting

  • Jim Houlihan

    Jim Houlihan

    Co-Founder, Paladin Group

    Jim is a co-founder of Paladin Group- a consulting firm working with merchants, financial services and vendors in the fight against fraud. With over 26 years of experience, Jim is an industry expert. His previous roles include, the Director of Worldwide Fraud at Orbitz, Director of Authenticity at Bazaarvoice, Director of Fraud at Home Shopping Network, Sr. Mgr. of Fraud at Dell Financial Services and Sr. Mgr. of Fraud at Citibank.

    Uncovering a Fraud Ring: Patterns, Anomalies & Red Flags

  • Tommy Lieberman

    Tommy Lieberman

    Product Manager, iovation

    Thomas’ experience originated in the online gaming software development industry where he spent over 15 years working for companies such as Electronic Arts, NCsoft and En Masse Entertainment. His knowledge, advanced use of iovation, frontline experience, expertise and knack for catching fraudsters gave him the opportunity to become a Product Manager at iovation where he has been since 2013. His focus is on all aspects of the UI.

    Next Generation of the Business Rules Editor

  • Ron Lunde

    Ron Lunde

    Principle Engineer, iovation

    Ron has worked as a software engineer, development manager, and software architect for 33 years. He has been with iovation since its beginning and was one of the original developers and the software architect. He's worked on secure Internet e-commerce applications since 1997. Ron lives in Pittsburgh, PA, a short walk from Carnegie-Mellon University. Ron received his MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    What’s on the Horizon for iovation Link Analysis

  • Michael Machado

    Michael Machado

    CSO, RingCentral

    During Michael's career, he has successfully driven business objectives into actionable information security and SaaS product offerings at companies ranging from startup to Fortune 100. A frequent presenter at multiple security conferences, Michael holds CISSP, CISM, PCIP, and CIPM certifications. RingCentral is the market leader in Unified Communications as a Service with over 300,000 business customers.

    Building an Unstoppable Team by Converging Security & Fraud

  • Will Madden

    Will Madden

    CEO, bridge21

    Will is CEO of bridge21, a company that uses blockchain technology to efficiently move money. He co-founded the Regulatory Compliance Association’s virtual currency panel and is a recognized expert in the field. Will has over 20 years of experience building financial products across the prepaid, payments, and remittance industries. He’s passionate about using blockchain technology to fight fraud and improve financial services.

    Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and Why You Should Care

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    Software Engineer, Groupon

    David has worked on various projects throughout the e-commerce space, building both customer facing and internal applications. Most recently he has built fraud detection tools and trained machine learning models to identify bad purchases. His experience includes data analytics and warehousing, machine learning, RESTful web services, and online payment technologies. He is passionate about writing code to make life easier.

    Staying Ahead in the Mobile World with Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Katie McGinn

    Katie McGinn

    eCommerce Account Executive, Whitepages Pro

    As the eCommerce Account Executive for Whitepages Pro, Katie McGinn works closely with merchants to find the right identity verification solution. With her industry knowledge, Katie has helped many companies onboard Whitepages Pro data as an integral part to their fraud process. Katie joined Whitepages two years ago after transitioning from advertising sales. She also hosts webinars and speaks at the Digital Identity & Commerce Tour.

    Balancing Customer Experience & Risk with Identity Verification

  • Bernard McManus

    Bernard McManus

    Leader of Product Strategy, Fraud and Risk, Western Union

    Bernard McManus leads the Fraud Product Management and Strategy organization at Western Union. Focused on tackling fraud and risk in a diverse ecosystem of websites and mobile apps for the largest money remittance company in the world. Previous roles in Fintech span over a decade include, leading the fraud and security group at Deluxe Corporation, working on Adaptive Authentication at RSA, and building IDSecure for Affinion Group.

    Fireside Chat: How to Leverage Big Data, Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics

  • Chris Monk

    Chris Monk

    Manager, Fraud & Debt Recovery Unit, The AA

    Chris has years of experience within the insurance sector. His primary focus is on minimizing the impact on the business from both fraud activity and bad debt. His time is devoted to maximizing current business rules to ensure they identify devices and accounts involved in organized fraud activity. He is always an active member within the community and believes in the power of sharing his experiences with his peers to fight fraud.

    Power of the Consortium: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Stop Fraud

  • Scott Olson

    Scott Olson

    VP of Product, iovation

    Scott is an experienced leader in security and fraud management technology. Throughout his career he has led product and marketing initiatives and focused on building new markets. He started three businesses and served as VP at two others that were successfully acquired by Cisco Systems, Symantec, and Trustwave. In his current role at iovation he focuses on strategic product development, market research and managing product teams.

    Future of Fraud Prevention

  • Brigette Pease

    Brigette Pease

    Global Program Manager, Groupon

    Brigette oversees the operational roadmap related to technical initiatives, partnering with vendors for optimization, and managing stakeholders across all Groupon platforms. Most recently, she was responsible for the North American Fraud Department at Groupon and was a critical member on the leadership team for Risk Management, focusing on data driven projects, analytical tracking and monitoring of risks that impact the bottom line.

    Staying Ahead in the Mobile World with Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Greg Pierson

    Greg Pierson

    CEO & Founder, iovation

    Greg is the visionary leader behind the use of reputation systems to prevent fraud and abuse of online services. He has over 20 years of experience in building real-time business systems. A serial entrepreneur, Greg has a strong passion for developing leading fraud fighting solutions that make the Internet a safer place to do business. He drives iovation's overall business and product strategy.

    Keynote Address

  • Tiffany Robinson

    Tiffany Robinson

    AVP of Risk for Digital Initiatives, Synchrony Financial

    Tiffany received her B.S. degree in Economic Crime Investigations and her M.S. degree in Economic Crime Management both from Utica College. She is an experienced fraud professional within both the E-commerce and Financial industry, and has previously worked with MasterCard Worldwide, Sirius XM Radio, and LEGO Systems. Her expertise focuses on fraud prevention tools, device based authentication and rule management.

    Improving the Customer Experience with Device-based Authentication

  • Ian Roncoroni

    Ian Roncoroni

    Cofounder & CEO, Next Caller

    Ian Roncoroni is Cofounder & CEO of Next Caller, which has the fastest and most accurate method to recognize ANI spoofing on the market today. Ian is responsible for writing their industry-leading profile aggregation algorithm, and handles all compliance and business development. He is a graduate of Princeton University, as well as the prestigious Y Combinator technology accelerator.

    Robocalling, Spoofing, and Other Nefarious Deeds

  • Geoff Sanders

    Geoff Sanders

    CEO, LaunchKey

    Geoff cofounded LaunchKey in 2012, and served as its sole CEO prior to its acquisition by iovation. Listed in Inc. Magazine’s prestigious “30 Under 30” entrepreneur list of 2013, Geoff is also the third cybersecurity founder and CEO in his family. In addition, Geoff is a veteran engineer with over 15 years of professional experience leading the creation of dynamic websites, interactive applications, and other digital products.

    Fireside Chat: Past, Present and Future of Fraud and Authentication

  • Jackson Shaw

    Jackson Shaw

    Senior Director of Product Management, Dell Software

    Jackson is Senior Director of Product Management for Dell Software Group’s Identity and Access Management solutions. He joined Dell as part of the Quest Software acquisition. Prior to Quest, Jackson was responsible for product planning and marketing around Microsoft’s identity & access management products including Active Directory and Microsoft Identity Manager. Jackson began his identity management career at Zoomit Corp.

    Striking the Right Balance Between Usability & Security for Consumers

  • Srivatsan Srinivasan

    Srivatsan Srinivasan

    Product Leader, Nexmo

    Srivatsan Srinivasan is currently a Product Leader for Verify and Number Insight at leading cloud communications company, Nexmo, a Vonage company. Previously, he held product marketing positions at mobile companies including Druva, Motorola, RIM, and Qualcomm. Srivatsan holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, an MS from UT-Austin, and a BE from NIT-Trichy.

    Using the Cloud to Decrease Fraud, Protect User Identity and Improve Customer Experience

  • Michael Thelander

    Michael Thelander

    Product Marketing Manager, Authentication, iovation

    Michael manages iovation’s marketing efforts for Authentication Products. He has served in senior product management and marketing roles for 20 years, and was cofounder and VP of marketing for Verdiem before moving to information security with Tripwire, where he directed all efforts for the $100 million flagship product line. Michael has written articles for IT Professional,, and CyberDefense Magazine.

    End-to-End Experience: Authentication and Authorization, Anytime and Anywhere

  • Eric Uythoven

    Eric Uythoven

    Chief Technology Officer, PEGRight

    Eric is a well-known contributor in the identity management world focused upon architecture and strategic direction of the state of the art single sign-on (SSO), federation, and provisioning enterprise class systems. Eric is currently working on advancing the identity industry towards reducing authentication risk through the integration of adaptive authentication, advanced identity intelligence, and identity analytics.

    Preserve Your Investments: Bring Together SSO/Federation with Risk Based Adaptive Authentication

  • Nick Voigt

    Nick Voigt

    Software QA Engineer, iovation

    Nick is part of the team of mobile experts at iovation helping drive mobile strategy forward. As a Quality Assurance Engineer, he is deep in the trenches testing, finding bugs, and squashing them. He is a recent college graduate of Oregon State University and has worked with both hardware and software, feeling equally comfortable in both arenas. Nick is tirelessly working on improving the mobile platform for our customers.

    Staying Secure in the Mobile Era

  • Scott Waddell

    Scott Waddell

    Chief Technology Officer, iovation

    Scott began his career in information security as a charter member of the Air Force Information Warfare Center. He is an innovative technologist and executive with more than 20 years of hands-on leadership experience. His career spans fraud mitigation, computer and network security, critical infrastructure protection, and information warfare. He is also co-inventor on six U.S. patents.

    Continuous Evolution

  • David Wheeler

    David Wheeler

    Senior Architect, iovation

    As a member of the ioLabs team, David multitasks between software, data, and product architecture. When he’s not exhorting his engineering colleagues to write tests, he works with the Product team to develop the strategic vision for authentication, and translates that vision into an architectural plan for development. In his spare time, he and his family exchange homes with people in other countries.

    Continuous Evolution

  • Cate Wright

    Cate Wright

    Fraud Manager,

    Cate has worked in the UK Insurance Industry for 12 years with seven years of that being within fraud. Cate has held various roles from Claims Fraud Investigator to Application Fraud Manager within insurers and brokers, and is currently Fraud Manager for Cate has been working with iovation for over 3 years across several of her roles and is currently utilizing iovation to detect and prevent insurance application fraud.

    Power of the Consortium: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Stop Fraud

  • Call for Speakers

    Nominations are open for a limited time. Full agenda available soon.

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    in Speaking?


What's Happening

Sept 19 Sept 20 Sept 21
  • Pre-Summit Event

    Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood

  • Welcome Reception

    The Armory

  • Registration, Breakfast, & Sponsor Stations
  • Keynote Address

    Greg Pierson, iovationMain stage

    We are moving forward and fast! It's imperative for online businesses to stay ahead of the curve, deploying first-class tools, using the latest techniques and staying ahead of the industry. 

  • Code Red: Protecting Your Enterprise and Securing Your Brand Online

    Theresa Payton, Keynote SpeakerMain Stage

    Payton will outline emerging security threats facing US businesses, the latest developments in corporate safeguards for intellectual property, and share strategic solutions to stop cybercriminals, including combating insider threats.

  • Break & Sponsor Stations
  • Improving the Customer Experience with Device-based Authentication

    Tiffany Robinson, Synchrony FinancialMain Stage

    Finding the right balance between world-class security and a friendly customer experience can be tricky, but it’s an absolute must for today’s businesses. By leveraging device intelligence as a second factor of authentication, you can accomplish both with positive results for your business and your customers. 

  • End-to-End Experience: Authentication and Authorization, Anytime and Anywhere

    Michael Thelander, iovationMain Stage

    How many passwords can you remember at once? With more and more websites requiring a username, password and security answers, it’s only going to get worse. How will your business adapt by authenticating your good customers without hindering their ability to do business with you? 

  • Lunch & Sponsor Stations
  • Choose Your Session

    Select from 1 of 3 sessions:

    • A

      Using the Cloud to Decrease Fraud, Protect User Identity and Improve Customer ExperienceMezzanine

      Does your application implement risk-based authentication? Verify users at sign-up? Provide users with real-time alerts and notifications? See how you can reduce fraud, secure transactions, protect accounts, and notify your users with Nexmo’s globally scalable cloud communication APIs and SDKs.

    • B

      Building an Unstoppable Team by Converging Security & FraudMain Stage

      Michael Machado, CSO at Ringcentral will share the ever-important business benefits of having your security and fraud teams work closely together, and lead an insightful discussion of key goals, expectations and desired outcomes. 

    • C

      Recognizing Your Full Potential: Discover Your ROIThe Vault

      Phoenix Clarke, Business Analyst at iovation will dive deep into the data, showcasing an ROI calculator that can help fraud teams clearly illustrate to the savings and uplift they provide for their business. 

  • Choose Your Session

    Select from 1 of 3 sessions:

    • A

      Balancing Customer Experience & Risk with Identity VerificationMezzanine

      The focus on the customer’s experience has created vulnerabilities in fraud and risk.  How can we use unregulated data to manage the delicate balance between identifying your good customers and blocking the bad actors?

    • B

      Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and Why You Should CareMain Stage

      Will Madden, CEO of bridge21 presents the new era of digital currencies, the technology behind it, the many nuances and benefits, and how these new forms of cash affect fraud. 

    • C

      The Art and Science of Device RecognitionThe Vault

      Leveraging examples of emerging industry trends regarding fraud, the iovation Recognition Team will illustrate how our investment in device recognition technologies (our "science") provide direct improvement in threat detection, enabling you to focus on the subtle "art" of fraud assessment.

  • Choose Your Session

    Select from 1 of 3 sessions:

    • A

      Uncovering a Fraud Ring: Patterns, Anomalies & Red FlagsMain Stage

      Finding the needle in the haystack (fraudsters) can be an exhilarating challenge, but the bad guys are getting sneakier and more difficult to find. That’s why identifying transactions that are peculiar or inconsistent can be so rewarding. Hear how one company was able to pinpoint anomalies to put a halt to fraudsters. 

    • B

      Staying Secure in the Mobile EraMezzanine

      With nearly half of all consumer interactions originating from a mobile device, it's becoming increasingly important to safeguard mobile apps.  In this interactive discussion, learn from iovation's mobile experts and your peers about the latest mobile trends and how to best protect your mobile apps.

  • Break & Sponsor Stations
  • Fundamentals of Identity & Authentication

    Terry Gold, Industry Security AnalystMain Stage

    Hear from security analyst and expert on how companies should be thinking of identity, the various forms of identity and ways to make it stronger. Also, as payments are considered some form of authentication, hear how EMV has impacted the landscape and evolution of payments. 

  • Fireside Chat: Past, Present and Future of Fraud and Authentication

    Greg Pierson, iovation & Geoff Sanders, LaunchKeyMain Stage

  • Moving Fast and Forward

    Max Anhoury, iovationMain Stage

    Even while we’re all focused on moving forward, it’s important to take a breath to review what we’ve learned and discuss what’s next for all of us.

  • Dinner Party

    10 Barrel

  • Waterfront Run
  • Zumba Returns
  • Breakfast & Sponsor Stations
  • Future of Fraud Prevention

    Scott Olson, iovationMain Stage

    iovation is always working to create significant and meaningful advancements in the services we offer, and our product roadmap is designed to do just that for our clients. Get a sneak peak at our newest upcoming products and feature enhancements. 

  • Continuous Evolution

    Scott Waddell, iovationMain Stage

    We are never static. We are constantly changing, evolving, and expanding our technology to advance consumer security and usability. Let’s take a look at how that vision has shaped iovation’s vision for Authentication, and how we’re growing our technology into a comprehensive Auth platform, from context-aware, risk-based passive Auth to user-pleasing, post-password active Auth. Come for the strategy, stay for the live demo.

  • Break & Sponsor Stations
  • Staying Ahead in the Mobile World with Data Analytics and Machine Learning

    Brigette Korney & David Marshall, GrouponMain Stage

    It's no surprise that the world has gone mobile. It's rare to not have at least one device on you at all times. Similarly, business are moving faster and faster to the mobile channel. In this session we will take a look at trends in the industry and how machine learning is playing a significant role in ongoing analysis and predicability of fraudulent behavior.

  • Fireside Chat: How to Leverage Big Data, Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics

    Bernard McManus, Western UnionMain Stage

    Data, data, data! It's incredibly important to understand the data available to your business, how to leverage that data, and how to make it work for you. In this fireside chat, hear Bernard McManus from Western Union discuss how they use behavioral analytics to support their fraud prevention efforts, how they have built out a data driven environment to make informed decisions, and the unique authentication technologies they have deployed. 

  • Lunch & Sponsor Stations
  • Choose Your Session

    Select from 1 of 3 sessions:

    • A

      Robocalling, Spoofing, and Other Nefarious DeedsMezzanine

      Find out how one of our summit sponsors, Next Caller is creating solutions that can help your business. 

    • B

      Next Generation of the Business Rules EditorMain Stage

      One of the most significant tools you have at your fingertips is the Business Rules Editor. The editor allows you to highlight suspicious behavior, flag unusual activity and stop fraud faster. Join us to learn about the new features and functionality coming soon.

    • C

      Hands-on with iovation LaunchKey MFAThe Vault

      Join iovation authentication and mobile experts for a hands-on experience with LaunchKey MFA in the new IC Mobile authenticator for the iovation Intelligence Center. Come experience the future of authentication and see for yourself just how great it will be.

  • Choose Your Session

    Select from 1 of 3 sessions:

    • A

      Preserve Your Investments: Bring Together SSO/Federation with Risk Based Adaptive AuthenticationMezzanine

      In today’s world, organizations strive to increase security while maintaining a state of the art user experience for users accessing applications and services from multiple devices across the internet. Building a bigger wall and introducing friction to the user authentication experience through multiple factors isn’t the answer. The real solution will champion an architecture that brings together device identification, fraudulent login/registration, and cloud identity as part of a frictionless multi-factor security authentication access control.

    • B

      Power of the Consortium: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Stop FraudMain Stage

      It’s no doubt that working together is more effective then working in a silo. Hear from two companies in the UK insurance sector, The AA and and how they leverage iovation’s shared intelligence to protect their business from fraud. 

    • C

      Shaping the Future of iovation ReportingThe Vault

      In this session, you will get to know iovation's reporting features. From the on-demand reports available through the Intelligence Center, to the Standard Reports available for scheduled deliveries, iovation can provide you with the reports you need to help in your fraud investigations.

  • Choose Your Session

    Select from 1 of 3 sessions:

    • A

      Managing and Maximizing Multiple Tools in Your ToolkitMezzanine

      Stephanie Gorostiza, Product Management for Fraud Strategy at Western Union offers insight into managing different tools and making them work together for maximum returns. 

    • B

      Using Machine Learning for Predictive Scoring of Online TransactionsMain Stage

      Global device, account, and transaction patterns can be used to predict the level of risk or trust that an online transaction may present.  Learn how iovation’s latest developments with machine learning can be used to improve your customer experience and loyalty while protecting you from unforeseen risks. 

    • C

      What’s on the Horizon for iovation Link AnalysisThe Vault

      Identifying and understanding associations created between various data points can help in your investigative process and spotlight fraud that may have otherwise been missed. 

  • Break & Sponsor Stations
  • Striking the Right Balance Between Usability & Security for Consumers

    Jackson Shaw, Dell SoftwareMain Stage

    February 5, 2004. The date that Bill Gates pronounced the password dead. In this session Jackson will give a retrospective of authentication since Bill’s pronouncement and discuss some of the latest advances in hardware and software that are changing how employees and consumers identify themselves and conduct business. From passwords to authentication decay to FIDO, the Social Security Administration, ExxonMobil and more, you’ll hear about the good, the bad and the ugly on this far reaching topic.

  • Busted Awards

    Max Anhoury, iovation

    That’s a wrap! We moved, and we moved fast. Now it’s time to slow down, reflect, and recognize those who went the extra mile. 

  • What's Happening?

    So much to do, so many great people to do it with. With the Armory as our base, we’re all in (and out) to bring you some of the fun and soul of this eclectic, beautiful city we call home. The adventurous might want to check out

  • Pre-Summit Event

    Pre-Summit Event

    Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood

    Mt Hood is one of Oregon's most prominent landmarks, standing strong at 11,250 feet and offering spectacular views and endless outdoor activities to its visitors. Join us prior to the summit to network with your peers and enjoy an afternoon on the Mountain. We will be enjoying a ride on the Magic Mile, tour of Timberline Lodge and lunch.  

  • Welcome Reception

    Welcome Reception

    The Armory

    Fraud Force 2016 kicks off with a Welcome Reception at The Armory. Connect, re-connect and have a taste of what’s to come.

  • Dinner Party

    Dinner Party

    10 Barrel

    A brand new rooftop bar at 10 Barrel, one of Portland’s most popular brewpubs overlooks the infamous Pearl District and offers a uniquely Portland experience. A special 'thank you' to Whitepages Pro for sponsoring the dinner party. 

  • Waterfront Run

    Waterfront Run

    There is no better way to get focused and energized for a day of educational sessions than with an invigorating morning run around the waterfront loop. 

  • Zumba Returns

    Zumba Returns

    Our passionate and fearless data analyst and Zumba instructor, Phoenix Clarke, kicks Wednesday off with a fun, energetic and exciting Zumba class.

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