At The Nines in Portland, Oregon
October 11 - 13
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Join iovation clients and partners from around the globe for three invaluable days of networking, educational sessions, breakout groups and of course, fun. The Fraud Force Summit is one of a kind – it’s an event like none other – the knowledge sharing and collaboration that takes place is unprecedented. The community has a unique opportunity to come together, under one roof and share insights and best practices in the fight against online fraud.

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What you can expect from the summit:

  • Build Community

    Network with fraud professionals in other industries. Work with your peers to fight fraud together.

  • Get Inspired

    Learn what your peers are doing to keep their business secure. Walk away with practical tips and tricks on how to enhance your strategy.

  • Shape the Future

    Be the first to learn about new services and enhancements from iovation. Give your input and help us shape the future of the product.


The 4th Annual Fraud Force Summit will be held at The Nines, a luxury hotel in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

The hotel is offering iovation clients a discounted hotel rate of $229 per night. The rate is available until September 8, 2015. The hotel will sell out, so it is in your best interest to reserve your hotel room as soon as possible by using the dedicated booking site or by calling the hotel at 888-627-7208 and mention the Fraud Force Summit group rate.

The Nines
  • 525 SW Morrison
    Portland, OR 97204

  • 877-229-9995

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  • Educational Presentations

    Hear from your peers, the iovation team and industry experts on the latest in fraud prevention.

  • Workshops & Presentations

    Take a deep dive into a variety of topics, hear best practices and learn what your peers are doing.

  • Networking & Entertainment

    The networking events can be the most beneficial part of your time at Fraud Force - join us on a variety of events.

  • 07:30AM

    Registration & Breakfast

    Ballroom Foyer
  • 09:00AM

    Keynote Address

    Greg Pierson, iovation
  • 09:45AM

    Future of Device-Based Solutions

    Scott Olson, iovation
  • 10:30AM

    Partner Pavilion & Learning Labs

    • Enhanced Transaction History Search Capabilities
    • Business Rules Workshop
    • Becoming an iovation Champion
  • 10:50AM

    Beyond Device IDs: How Intuit uses Device information in their Flash Fraud Machine Learning Process

    Josh Frank & Dusan Bosnjakovic, Intuit
  • 11:20AM

    Spotlight - Imperva

    Sheldon Muir, Imperva
  • 11:30AM

    Keeping your Players Safe While Fostering a Fun & Friendly Environment

    Tyler Black & Alice Newton, KIXEYE
  • 12:00PM


    Ballroom Foyer
  • 12:00PM

    Partner Pavilion & Learning Labs

    • Utilizing Link Analysis
    • Connecting with the Community
    • Why Placing Evidence is Fundamental to Success
  • 12:30PM

    Technology Deep Dive on Device Recognition

    Ben Bertola, iovation
  • 01:00PM

    In Fraud They Trust: Adversary Profiling and Preemptive CounterFraud Strategies

    Lance James, Unit 221b
  • 01:45PM

    Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience with Device-based Authentication

    Scott Olson, iovation
  • 02:30PM

    Partner Pavilion & Learning Labs

    • Leveraging Device Intelligence to Achieve Strong Authentication
    • Understanding Available Reports
    • Continuing Education for your Fraud Team
  • 02:50PM

    Spotlight - Equifax

    Rich Huffman, Equifax
  • 03:00PM

    How US Bank Implemented a World-class Fraud Prevention Platform

    Jackie Buonassisi, US Bank
  • 03:30PM

    Bitcoin, Digital Currency & Fraud: How bridge21 uses Device ID & Multi-factor Cryptography to Limit Risk

    Will Madden, Bridge
  • 04:00PM

    Final Thoughts from Day 1

    Main Ballroom
  • 06:30AM

    Waterfront Walk & Run

    Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • 08:30AM


    Ballroom Foyer
  • 09:15AM

    Opening Remarks

    Max Anhoury, iovation
  • 09:30AM

    Core of Device Recognition

    Scott Waddell, iovation
  • 10:00AM

    Spotlight - Accertify

  • 10:10AM

    Tools, Techniques and Strategies for Combating Account Takeover

    Nina Zmanovskaya, Citibank
  • 10:40AM

    Partner Pavilion & Learning Labs

    • Target Specific Rules with Compound Rules
    • Optimizing your Integration
    • Why Risk Profile Rules are Integral to Your Strategy
  • 11:00AM

    Mobile Threat’s - What’s Real and What’s Hype

    Peter Klimek, Kaspersky Lab
  • 11:30AM

    How to Build a Best-in-class Fraud Prevention Team and Strategy

    Jim Houlihan, Orbitz Worldwide
  • 12:00PM

    Partner Pavilion & Learning Labs

    • Unpacking the Mobile Anomaly & Solutions
    • iovation's Next Top Model
    • Catching More Fraud with Multi-domain Recognition
  • 12:00PM


    Ballroom Foyer
  • 01:30PM

    Why and How: Advanced Analytics for Fraud Prevention

    Joe DeCosmo & Ken Park, Enova International
  • 02:00PM

    Leveraging the Community to Fight Fraud Together

    Leonie Darbon, Dixons Carphone
  • 02:30PM


    Main Ballroom
  • 04:00PM

    Awards & Closing Remarks

    Main Ballroom


Interested in speaking at the Fraud Force Summit?

Let Us Know
  • Greg Pierson

    Greg Pierson

    CEO & Co-Founder, iovation

    Greg is the visionary leader behind the use of reputation systems to prevent fraud and abuse of online services. He has over 20 years of experience in building real-time business systems. A serial entrepreneur, Greg has a strong passion for developing leading fraud fighting solutions that make the Internet a safer place to do business. He drives iovation’s overall business and product strategy.

  • Scott Olson

    Scott Olson

    VP, Product, iovation

    Scott is an experienced leader in security and fraud management technology. Throughout his career he has led product and marketing initiatives and focused on building new markets. He started three businesses and served as VP at two others that were successfully acquired by Cisco Systems, Symantec, and Trustwave. In his current role at iovation he focuses on strategic product development, market research and managing product teams.

  • Josh Frank

    Josh Frank

    Manager of Risk Modeling & Data Sciences, Intuit

    Josh Frank works at Intuit’s Payments Processing Division as the Manager of Risk Modeling and Data Sciences.  Josh has his Ph.D. in Economics as well as an MBA.  Previously Josh worked as a Senior Researcher for the Center for Responsible Lending (a think tank/advocacy organization), as a professor of economics, an economic forecaster for state government, co-founded a non-profit organization, and managed various functions at a top ten credit card issuer. Josh has had numerous newspaper/television interviews from major media outlets as well as academic publications.

  • Dusan Bosnjakovic

    Dusan Bosnjakovic

    Strategic Risk Systems, Intuit

    Dusan Bosnjakovic has driven special projects involving machine learning, link analysis and flash fraud pattern detection at Intuit’s Strategic Risk Group. This group is involved in payments processing risk monitoring through rules development, statistical model development and systems engineering. Dusan has over 10 years of experience in behavioral research, data analysis and technological product management. Prior to his work in the payments industry he led development of research data systems and global data exchange and harmonization standards.

  • Tyler Black

    Tyler Black

    Director of Product Management, KIXEYE

    Tyler Black is Director of Product Management for Game Enhancement at KIXEYE Inc, responsible for shared services, analytics, platform integrations, and payment systems, among other things. Tyler has been integrating with payment providers and third party platforms for over a decade across various disciplines like media sharing, peer to peer networks, e-commerce, life sciences, analytics and entertainment. At KIXEYE, Tyler is working to make sure that the teams within KIXEYE have the necessary tools to protect the player communities across all of KIXEYE’s games, and that fraudulent users are identified, removed, and kept out.

  • Alice Newton

    Alice Newton

    Fair Play Coordinator, KIXEYE

    Alice Newton is the Fair Play Coordinator at KIXEYE. Her team is responsible for identifying cheaters, fraudsters and spammers, and removing them from the community. In addition to banning cheaters, Alice is responsible for resolving payments-related support issues and maintaining KIXEYE’s iovation rulesets.

  • Lance James

    Lance James

    CEO & Global Cyber Intelligence Advisor, Unit 221b

    Lance James is an internationally renowned information security specialist. He has more than fifteen years of experience in programming, network security, digital forensics, malware research, cryptography design, cryptanalysis, counterintelligence, and protocol exploitation. He provides advisory services to a wide range of government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations including America’s top financial services institutions. Credited with the identification of Zeus and other malware, James is an active contributor to the evolution of security practices and counterintelligence tactics and strategies.

  • Rich Huffman

    Rich Huffman

    VP of Product Management, Equifax Identity and Fraud Solutions

    Rich Huffman is VP of Product Management for Equifax Identity and Fraud Solutions including remote identity proofing and biometric identity solutions. Rich has more than 20 years of experience in fraud and identity product development. He is an expert in utilizing ID verification and authentication technologies for online and mobile banking and payment related activities. Prior to joining Equifax, Rich created and managed products for the financial services industry at Harbinger, S1, and ADP. Rich graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in business with a concentration in economics.

  • Jackie Buonassisi

    Jackie Buonassisi

    VP, Omnichannel Group, US Bank

    Jackie Buonassisi is Vice President of the Internet and Mobile Channel Group at US Bank. In this role she leads US Bank’s online and mobile channel application platform and fulfillment optimization project. Her current focus is on new account application strategy and decision and fulfillment process reengineering. Prior to joining US Bank, Jackie both worked and consulted to a number of major financial services companies including VISA International, Citibank, Charles Schwab, Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank.

  • Will Madden

    Will Madden

    Founder & CEO, bridge21

    Mr. Madden serves as Founder and CEO of bridge21, a financial technology company focused on incorporating decentralized technology into financial and identity systems. bridge21 partners with iovation to combat fraud. He co-founded and leads the Regulatory Compliance Association’s Bitcoin and Virtual Currency panel and is an active Senior Fellow within the Association. Mr. Madden is a respected expert and outspoken advocate of virtual currency and bitcoin, and has been involved in the industry since late 2010. Mr. Madden’s views on virtual currency regulation influenced the debate around the NY DFS BitLicense, as well as other emerging regulation.

  • Scott Waddell

    Scott Waddell

    Chief Technology Officer, iovation

    Scott began his career in information security as a charter member of the Air Force Information Warfare Center, pioneering tools and techniques for automated vulnerability assessment and incident response. He is an innovative technologist and executive with more than 20 years of hands-on leadership experience. His career spans fraud mitigation, computer and network security, critical infrastructure protection, and information warfare. He is also co-inventor on six U.S. patents.

  • Nina Zmanovskaya

    Nina Zmanovskaya

    US Consumer and Commercial Bank Digital Channels Fraud Policy, Citibank

    Nina has over 8 years of fraud risk management experience at Citi; first in Russia and then in the US. While with Citi in Russia, Nina managed consumer fraud risks “end-to-end”, leading fraud operations and policy teams. For the past three years, Nina has been instrumental in leveraging iovation detection capabilities for Citi US Consumer Bank - introducing new rules in response to ever changing fraud trends and building rule performance MIS. At the summit, Nina will talk about some best practices related to her experience with using iovation to fight fraud.

  • Peter Klimek

    Peter Klimek

    Security Expert with the Fraud Prevention Division, Kaspersky Lab

    Peter Klimek is a Security Expert with the Fraud Prevention division of Kaspersky Lab.  By combining Kaspersky Lab’s cutting-edge research into mobile security threats and drawing on his experience as a developer and security professional, Peter helps organizations understand the mobile threat landscape and what they can do to protect themselves and their customers.

    Prior to working for Kaspersky Lab he was the responsible for architecting the application security program for one of the largest brokers of consumer financial data.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and currently resides in Seattle, Washingto

  • Jim Houlihan

    Jim Houlihan

    Director of Fraud, Orbitz Worldwide

    Jim Houlihan joined Orbitz Worldwide in 2013 and has been responsible for global fraud prevention and fraud losses for both hostile and friendly fraud. Jim has over 25 years’ experience in digital fraud prevention, with a background in detection, investigations and law enforcement. Previously, Jim spent over four years as the Director of Fraud & Investigations at HSN (Home Shopping Network) overseeing all fraud prevention activities for the $2.4 billion retailer. Jim has also worked in the financial fraud prevention space with Dell Financial Services, Citigroup- on both Home Depot and Sears credit card portfolios- as well as with Household Bank in financial investigations. Jim has served with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Chicago, as well as, five years as a military police officer in the United States Marine Corps.  Jim enjoys relaxing with his wife and two young children.  He also loves to ski and golf.  Ask him his golf handicap and the response you’ll get will be: “my entire bag”.

  • Joe DeCosmo

    Joe DeCosmo

    Chief Analytics Officer, Enova International

    Joe DeCosmo is the Chief Analytics Officer at Enova International where he oversees a team of 50+ analytics professionals. Prior to working at Enova, he served as Director and Practice Leader of Advanced Analytics for Chicago-based West Monroe Partners. He also held a number of executive positions at HAVI Global Solutions and the Allant Group. In 1995 Joe founded and led DeCosmo and Associates, Inc., an analytics consulting firm that he grew from start-up to ten employees that was acquired by The Allant Group in 2005. Joe received a BA in Economics from Lewis University and an MA in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • Ken Park

    Ken Park

    Head of Fraud Analytics & Operations, Enova International

    Ken Park is the Head of Fraud Analytics & Operations at Enova International where he manages groups of data scientists and fraud investigators. Enova is his first full-time job and he has been enjoying combating the online fraud using whatever it takes from computer science to statistics and manual investigations over the last 4 years. Ken received a BS in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University and MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.

  • Leonie Darbon

    Leonie Darbon

    Fraud and Credit Strategy, Systems, Projects and Analysis Manager, Dixons Carphone

    Leonie has 15 years experience working within fraud and intelligence. Leonie started her career with seven years service with Northamptonshire Police as a Higher Intelligence Analyst. With the police, Leonie developed analytical techniques and received several awards for her contribution to team working and deployment of the National Intelligence Model within her Base Command Unit. Currently working for Dixons Carphone, she is responsible for the continued development and strategy for front-end fraud prevention tools such as iovation and Accertify focused on reduction of not only fraud but also bad debt.In 2011 Leonie completed a Master’s Degree in Security and Risk Management.Her final dissertation received the Wilf Knight award from the Security Industry for outstanding academic contribution.

  • Max Anhoury

    Max Anhoury

    VP, Global Partnerships, iovation

    Max has held a number of senior leadership roles in operations, sales and marketing. He successfully drove business growth and profitability at CommercePath until it was acquired by Captaris. He continued to play a key leadership role at Captairs and was responsible for managing DESG with revenues of $55 million. In his current role, Max is responsible for the oversight and success of iovation’s partner program, driving strategic growth for the company.


iovation would like to thank all of our sponsors for making the Fraud Force Summit a possibility in 2015.


Enjoy Portland: Food, Fun, and Networking Opportunities

Tree-to-Tree Adventure Park

Pre-Summit Event

Tree-to-Tree Adventure Park Sunday, Oct 11 @ 10AM Info

Back by popular demand, the Tree-to-Tree Adventure Park provides a thrilling afternoon of aerial adventures, racing zips and sonic plunge. Join the iovation team for an afternoon in the trees.

Tour Wine Country

Pre-Summit Event

Tour Wine Country Sunday, Oct 11 @ 10AM Info

The Willamette Valley is home to many world famous wineries. The beautiful countryside is something to experience. Join the iovation team prior to the summit to tour three outstanding wineries. We will spend the day exploring wine country and will be back in Portland for the Fraud Force Welcome Reception.

Urban Farmer

Welcome Reception

Urban Farmer Monday, Oct 12 @ 5PM Info

Join iovation at Urban Farmer to kick off the conference. Located on the 8th floor of The Nines, Urban Farmer brings fresh, local ingredients straight from the farm.

Cooper's Hall

Dinner Party

Cooper's Hall Monday, Oct 12 @ 6PM Info

We will be kicking off the Fraud Force Summit at Cooper's Hall Winery & Taproom. For the first time in the summit's history, we will be venturing over to the east side of the river to experience one of Portland's newest and hippest restaurants - located in the heart of the industrial area.

Tom McCall's Waterfront Park

Waterfront Walk & Run

Tom McCall's Waterfront Park Tuesday, Oct 13 @ 6AM Info

Portland, the City of Bridges, has a fantastic loop around the waterfront park. It's a perfect 2.7 mile distance for those who like to get up a little early, and walk and/or run prior to kicking off the day.

The Nines

Zumba Class

The Nines Tuesday, Oct 13 @ 6AM Info

One of iovation's very own, Phoenix Clarke, is passionate about Zumba and having a great time while getting in a workout! He instructs a class at PulsePDX and rocks the dance floor. He will be hosting a class for attendees at The Nines. You will not want to sleep in through this one!



Networking with other fraud professionals is one of the biggest benefits of attending the Fraud Force Summit. Building peer-to-peer relationships through in-person conversations about best practices and shared industry issues is extremely valuable.

Providing community every single day of the year.

  • Connect

    Build and strengthen profesional relationships

  • Collaborate

    Share best fraud practices and industry standards

  • Unite

    Join others who share your fraud fighting mission

Thank You.

A special thank you to iovation Champions who continually participate in creating a strong community of fraud fighting professionals – your participation and partnership is greatly appreciated.

The Fraud Force Community site has proved to be a wealth of information.  I’ve collaborated with fellow Fraud Force Community members and shared relevant news with the community at large.  I look forward to opening the page each morning to see what’s new. 

Michelle Cochran NASA Federal Credit Union

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