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Three Unforgettable Days in Chicago

iovation's Fraud Force Summit has been growing over the last 8 years, bringing more and more fraud and security experts from around the globe to connect, share, learn and of course, have a good time! 

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn about the world of cryptocurrencies and the impact they are having on businesses today; they will learn the importance of balancing Machine Learning and Human Intelligence and how to deploy, maintain and fine tune their defenses; they'll have a chance to go behind the scenes at iovation and learn about the data we see and the investigations we undertake; they will learn about the convergence of fraud and security teams and the increasing importance of working together to balance customer experience and security; attendees will also hear about Artificial Intelligence and why it's important in fraud prevention. 

One of the most impactful aspects of the summit is hearing first hand from iovation customers - how they spot and stop fraud rings, what data models they've built to uncover fraudulent behavior, what techniques they are deploying to beat fraudsters at their own game, and what unique tips and tricks they use in their daily fight against fraud. 

Chicago Collage


Register by July 31, 2018 and save on registration.

Your conference pass includes:

  • Welcome Reception
  • General Sessions & Keynote Presentations
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Final Night Party
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Earlybird Pricing:

$295 Standard pricing is $495


The Kimpton Gray Hotel
122 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603

+1 877-771-7031
Hotel Website

Reserve your hotel room at the dedicated rate of $289/night + tax by using this dedicated booking link or by calling the Kimpton Hotel Gray at 877-771-7031 and reference the 'iovation October Program.'



Prepare yourself for unforgettable speakers, hands-on workshops, educational breakout sessions and stimulating conversations.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Meet your Customer Success and Account Management Teams

Would you like to book one-on-one time with your Customer Success Manager and Account Manager while at Fraud Force? They will be available to schedule meetings throughout the day, but their calendars will fill up fast so be sure to book time with them as soon as possible! Email your Customer Success Manager, Account Manager or clientsupport@iovation.com to schedule a meeting. 

Pre-summit Event: Architecture Tour by Boat

Not quite sure axe throwing is your jam? And feel like participating in one of Chicago's iconic architecture tours by boat? Us to! Join iovation on an afternoon of touring the city by boat and hearing about the unique architecture Chicago offers. More details will be available soon on the exact departure and arrival time. If you are interested, make sure to chose this selection on your event registration form or email fraudforce@iovation.com. 

Pre-summit Event: Bad Axe Throwing

Are you ready to work on your axe throwing skills? Join iovation for a little fun event prior to kicking off the conference at Bad Axe Throwing. Never thrown an axe before? Don't worry! There will be axe throwing coaches onsite to help us and teach us how it's done. Transportation to the event will be provided as well as beverages and snacks, but be sure to eat lunch prior! Make sure to RSVP on the event registration form or email fraudforce@iovation.com to secure your space. 

Welcome Reception

Join us for an evening of celebration and networking before kicking off the conference. As people are traveling from around the globe, it's a great opportunity to meet iovation staff, customers, partners and special guests. We would like to thank our sponsors, Fiserv and Entrust for helping us put on an unforgettable conference and being great partners to work with. 

More information will be available soon on location. 

Registration & Breakfast

Get your day started off right with a healthy breakfast, socializing and meeting the iovation team. Join us before the sessions start with breakfast and registration. 

The Next Generation of Fraud & Security

Greg Pierson

Greg Pierson CEO & Founder, iovation

For years, companies have unintentionally created organizational islands - making it difficult for teams to collaborate cross functionally. The next generation calls for change. Now, more than ever the Fraud, Risk and Security teams are breaking down the barriers and collaborating.

Keynote: A 360 Degree Outlook On The Global Security Landscape

Daniel M Photo High Res Headshot 5 18

Michael Daniel Cybersecurity Advisor to President Barack Obama & President, Cyber Threat Alliance

Cyber risk is an international challenge that requires non-traditional collaboration. Widely recognized as one of the world’s top security experts, Michael Daniel draws on his role as former White House cybersecurity coordinator to provide a global outlook on security and risk management in the 21st century. Breaking down the short and long-term challenges we face as a society and those that affect the public and private sector, Michael also stresses the importance of collaboration and information sharing across business and industry as key to effective defense against online adversaries. With the internet’s increasing pervasiveness, Michael’s insights are crucial to a comprehensive knowledge of today’s security landscape, including the potential impact of the Trump administration’s approach to cybersecurity and the heightened power of the Internet of Things and Big Data, to thrive in an interconnected world.

Networking Break

Get a quick snack and meet with iovation at the dedicated table in the foyer to learn about opportunities we have available for customers - and learn about new programs. 

Our Roadmap, Your Benefits

Scott Waddell Chief Technology Officer, iovation

iovation is busy at work - building the features and functionality you need to stop fraudsters, keep your business safe and secure, and offer your customers the best user experience possible when accessing your site. Join this session to hear what has recently been released and what you can expect to see in the next 3-6 months. 

Five Steps to Develop your Anti-Fraud Superpowers

Eddie Glenn

Eddie Glenn Product Marketing - Fraud Solutions iovation

Tired of the bad guys winning? Learn how to increase your anti-fraud superpowers through more effective use of human intelligence and machine learning.

Stories from the Field: Fiserv

Lunch, Table Topics and Ask the Expert

If you want to meet others in your industry, share insights, ask questions, learn from others facing the same obstacles, find your industry table. Want to take a break and not talk shop? There will be plenty of tables available that are not industry focused! 

Still looking for another outlet during lunch? Join experts over the lunch hour to ask them anything. Pick their brain, get their advice, get your questions answered. 

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is Transforming Online Businesses - Are you Ready?

Breakout Session

Analyzing, Interpreting and Breaking Down a Sophisticated Fraud Ring

Networking Break

Behind the Scenes at iovation - The Investigative Journey into Hot Devices

Analyzing, Interpreting and Breaking Down a Sophisticated Fraud Ring

Closing Remarks

Dinner Party


Welcome & Recap

Greg Pierson

Greg Pierson CEO & Founder, iovation

When Frenemies Align: Stronger Security, Less Fraud, Better Experience

Michael Thelander

Michael Thelander Sr. Director of Product Marketing iovation

Do you talk to your infosec peers? Do you know what threat vectors most alarm them, or what tools they're using? How about UX? Do you know what initiatives are consuming your user experience and product teams? Most importantly, do they know you have what they most need? Successful fraud teams are now measuring themselves not just on fraud catch, but on how well they interact with their peers in other parts of the organization. We'll present and discuss data from companies that have converged their fraud and infosec team -- either organizationally or in terms of daily interactions and shared goals -- and show how this not only reduces risk but gives a third team (user experience!) the benefits they most seek.

Keynote Address

Networking Break

Panel: Fighting Whack-a-Mole Fraud

Eddie Glenn

Eddie Glenn Product Marketing - Fraud Solutions iovation

You've successfully fought fraud on your mobile/online app. But, the fraudsters are now targeting your call center and stores. How does your business cope? This panel of industry experts will discuss how they continue to fight fraud even when the fraudsters migrate to other channels.

Stories from the Field: Entrust


Panel: Cryptocurrencies Don't Have to be Your Kryptonite, Strengthen Your Defenses

Stories from the Field

Stop More Fraud by Converting your Competitors into Allies

Stories from the Field

How Regulations Can Open Opportunities

Michael Thelander

Michael Thelander Sr. Director of Product Marketing iovation

New regulations such as the GDPR or PSD2 don't have to be feared, but rather should be embraced for the opportunities that they present. In this session you will learn how you can use regulations as a catalyst for positive change - to streamline the customer journey and offer a more welcoming experience for your end users. And create market differentiation.

Power Break

Strengthening your Defenses in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Final Remarks

Greg Pierson

Greg Pierson CEO & Founder, iovation

Interested in Speaking?

Are you interested in sharing your thought-provoking, industry-leading expertise with your peers? This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with other leaders. Contact us with your topic and a short description of your session.

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